I tried the Zapp It products today, that is, the one for extra length. I've switched to the 2-handed bowling release so I've been looking for balls that have more length and less snap at the end since I can generate 600 rpm's with no problem. The Zapp It polish did it in fine fashion and outdid my spinner and other polishes by a county mile. My trajectory to the pocket was smooth and very controllable even though the lanes were on the dry side. I was out looking to buy some new balls to accomodate the fierce friction the 2-handed release creates but now I'll just use some of your polish. Can't wait to try the one for oily lanes. Thanks for your products - they really are a step up. In fact, the balls I used were 5-10 years old but acted like new after a simple coat of cleaner and polish.Clarence Anderson
Fairfield, CA
I have bowled for 4 years. The very first time I used your product, I saw and felt the difference on my bowling ball. It was perfectly clean, it shined and it “squeaked”. Within just a few weeks, my average went from 188 to 194 and I clinched my first ever 700-series (719). It is UNBELIEVABLE!!! Denis H.
Québec City, Québec, Canada
My game has improved tremendously since using your product. Thank you.Raimonda W.
Momence, Illinois
This cleaner is excellent! The first time I used Zapp It!, I noticed a huge difference: it stopped skidding and bit the lanes at the back-end. This product extracts the oil accumulated on the surface of your ball like none other. Thanks a million for having me discover this new product. I recommend it to anyone who wants to try it.Serge B.
Québec City, Québec, Canada
We are using the cleaner and with good results. It takes the oil and junk of the bowling balls out efficiently.SK
Austin, Texas
I just wanted to let you know that I am a believer in Zapp It! I recently started back bowling about eight weeks ago after being off for nearly a year. You gave me a sample of this great bowling ball cleaner and I used it on a consistent basis. I finished the night with a 700+ series and I couldn't believe it! I was cleaning my ball with Zapp It and someone asked me if I liked it. Naturally I told them I believed that it really helped me. I came right off the line and shot a 300 game and I swear that it is because there was less oil and residue buildup on my ball. Thanks!Mike P.
Dallas, Texas
At the beginning of the season, I changed all my equipment. I have used this cleaner for about 3 months now, and my bowling balls look and react the same, as if they were out of the box. Their grip on the lanes is amazing, as never before. With this product, I give myself a better chance to perform well. And, among all the products I have tried, Zapp It! gives me more!Anonymous
Québec City, Québec, Canada
Yes, I have used your product and I should tell you that I do not normally use a cleaner on my bowling balls since my driller usually takes care of my equipment. However, during tournament play I have had occasion to use your product between squads and found it's the only product in my bag that I'll use to clean my bowling balls with confidence.DN
Eaton Rapids, Michigan
I used Zapp It products to overcome the tough lane conditions at Nationals this year. All I can say is this stuff is amazing! Blows the other products away! I use the Distance and Ball Cleaner before league play and can tell you from experience… it works! Since using these products I have shot seven 300 games and four 800 series this season. The high series being 836! Great Stuff!!DW
Dallas, Texas
I worked in the Storm booth for five years drilling at Nationals. I worked for eight years drilling for ABC/USBC. Currently I am the Pro Shop Manager with Plano Super Bowl. I, myself, use the Zapp It Ball Cleaner and sell this cleaner at the Pro Shop. I have used the new products and so have my customers. We like them... we'll buy them... and we'll score with them!LR
Plano, Texas
I LIKE IT!! Zapp It did GREAT! It really did remove the oil! Thanks for a great product!Marci W.
Wichita, Kansas
I think it is VERY good!!Virginia N.
Cypress, California