Zapp It! Dry Handz

  • Ideal for sweaty fingers
  • Works great for sweaty palms
  • Easy to use spray application – just apply and let dry
  • Product contains NO hazardous material

About Zapp It! Dry Handz

Are you an individual that has a condition that causes their hands to sweat when working out or enjoying a sport? This condition can cause your fingers and hands to slip when trying to bowl your favorite game. Now no need to be embarassed or frustrated. Just apply Zapp It! Dry Handz. Spray two to three sprays in to the palm of your hand. Your hands will feel sticky until it dries. (You can speed up the process by blowing on your hands or using the dryer in the restroom). Once your hands are completely dry they will be baby smooth...The best hands will NOT sweat! When you are finished playing, simply wash your hands with soap and water! That's it!

Zapp It! Dry Handz Application

Zapp It! Dry Handz is extremely easy to use:

  1. Spray two to three times on palm and fingers
  2. Let it dry completely
  3. Bowl your game

Product Notes

This product is tested and approved by the United States Bowling Congress as: Acceptable for use during certified competition.

This product contains absolutely no hazardous materials and is 100% biodegradable and environmentally safe.

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